Don Cunningham

Don Cunningham talks about the Old Days of Salt Spring Island, especially the Japanese Greenhouse down on Sharp Road. When the Japanese were interred, these greenhouses slowly degraded. These greenhouse produced incredible food, much exported off Salt Spring before 1942. His mother was Margaret Purdy, who played piano for the silent movies at Central. His […]

Evelyn Lee

Vimeo: Evelyn Lee, was part of the Bennett family, who were pioneers on Salt Spring and lived up Duke’s Road. Brother Johnny Bennett was the most outspoken family member, but Evelyn, although quieter, had a great window on the past. In her later years she sold her land to the proprietors of the Garry […]

Rose Murakami

Vimeo: Rose Murakami, delivers a speech by her sister, Keiko Mary Murakami Kitagawa, who was ill that day and could not attend. The subject: 1942 Internment of Japanese Canadians, specifically, what happened on Salt Spring Island, BC. This event happened at the Salt Spring Library on February 7th 2017; the opening day of the […]

Laura Roland

022.1 – 29 December 1998 Laura Roland grew up on Mayne Island where as a young girl she fished from a rowboat in Active Pass. She married into the Roland family, a noted Kanaka family on Saltspring. She lived on Roland Road where this video was shot.