Jean Hollings

034 – 29 November 1998 Jean Hollings was a Fulford icon. Her husband Fred lived on the first house up Orchard Road. She was the Fulford Postmistress and was noted for making incredible pies which supplied to Nans Restaurant at Fulford Harbour. 

Margaret Bapty

062 – 10 January 2000  Margaret was daughter of J.H. Monk who a large property on Eleanor Point up to Beaver Point Road. Her and her husband Harry Bapty were given a 32-acre parcel of that farm which included the end of Eleanor Point. Her husband Harry was a geologist and they lived off-island […]

Gordon Cudmore

Part 1 – 9 November 2001 079-080 Part 2 – 9 November 2001 079-080 Taken at the home of Joyce Hope on Beddis Road. He was a gypo logger in the early days and his father ran the restaurant in Fulford Harbour, now known as ‘Rock Salt Restaurant’. He was a land developer and built […]

Lotus Ruckle

083 – 18 June 2003  353 – 25 September 2007 072 – 19 November 2001 019 – 1 July 1999 361 – 26 May 2006 371-372 – 25 August 2008 The Creation of Ruckle Provincial Park Lotus Ruckle arrived on Saltspring about 1920 at age 10. Her father Cory Mehinick had bought a large […]

Gwen Ruckle

100 – 31 July 2002 Gwen’s slide show at the barn at Ruckle Park. She was the daughter of Lotus and Gordon Ruckle. She loved giving slide shows of the Ruckle history, which she did for tourists in the Ruckle barn. She was known to be a talented painter and was a prodigious storyteller.

Mary Inglin

084 – 2 November 2001  064-015 – 18 January 2000 18 January 2000 Mary Inglin was the daughter of Robert Raffles Augustus Purdy, who arrived on Saltspring and bought land at 600 Beddis Road (‘the barn on Beddis’) in 1884. At that time that location was the end of Beddis Road .