Lotus Ruckle

083 – 18 June 2003

353 – 25 September 2007

072 – 19 November 2001

019 – 1 July 1999

361 – 26 May 2006

371-372 – 25 August 2008

The Creation of Ruckle Provincial Park

Lotus Ruckle arrived on Saltspring about 1920 at age 10. Her father Cory Mehinick had bought a large part of the Trege Farm down from Beaver Point Hall on Bridgman Road. They bought it from the Bridgman’s and it is currently known as Wave Hill Farm. In 1930 she married Gordon Ruckle and moved about one kilometre down the road to Ruckle Farm where she lived most of her life until she had to move into Ganges for medical reasons. From the Mehinick Farm as a teenager she rode bareback down to the Ruckle Farm to pick up the mail on Thursdays. She was a living repository of South-end Saltspring history, and noted for her prodigious memory and numerous colourful stories.