John Bennett

Part 1 093-094 Part 2 093 6-7 January 2003 John Bennet was one of four Bennett children who grew up at the top end of Duke’s Road. He worked logging and was known as a great storyteller. There is a ‘bullshit bench’ in Ganges dedicated his memory.

Naidine Sims

107-110 – 29 September 2002  Talk delivered during the Apple Festival at her house on Stark Road. Historical Society Talk 110 -13 November 2002 One of the late Naidine Sims’ ancestors was Sylvia Stark, one of the first settlers on Saltspring. Naidine lived in Sylvia Stark’s house on Stark Road.

Joan Ingram

229 – 7 June 2005  Part 1 – 20 November 2002 073-088 Part 2 – 20 November 2002 073-088 Joan Ingram married her husband Dal who she met at the BC Packers Plant in Steveston. Dal fished most of his career and finally bought a beautiful home at the end of Bridgman Road. Joan […]

John Lamars

334-335 – circa 2007 John Lamars grew up in Holland and emigrated to Ontario as a farm worker. He was not happy in that profession and with his wife drove with a trailer to Whitehorse in the very early days of that highway. He retired to Saltspring and is noted for started the dogsled races […]